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About Katherine Wickhorst

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Katherine is a professor-turned-photographer who holds a PhD in French literature. Her fascination with images and mirrors became particularly apparent while writing her dissertation. In a somewhat strange—and yet somehow completely logical—turn of events, publishing articles on representation in French literature in France and the US has led Katherine to focus on capturing images with her camera lens. Originally from California, she recently relocated from Seattle to Auvergne, France.

Read more about Katherine in Latina Seattle.






Katherine's photos have also appeared in the following  magazines:



Art exhibits include Face-a-Face (Atlanta, GA), French Fest (Seattle, WA), and Un Autre regard (Grenoble, France).


Autoportrait - Katherine Wickhorst

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Click below to listen to an interview of me in the magazine Latina Seattle. In this excerpt, I discuss my approach to taking event pictures. Available in English and French. 

SLFF: Excerpt - 2018 Interview with Seattle Latina (Journalist: Sol Gonzalez)Katherine Wickhorst
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SLFF: Extrait - 2018 Interview avec Seattle Latina (journaliste: Sol Gonzalez)Katherine Wickhorst
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