“OMG!!!!! You're a GENIUS!!! Yes, you, because you made me feel so confident and comfortable the whole session that these photos are just a result of your professionalism. […] Thank you once again, Katherine, it has been an amazing experience working and meeting you.”


“Katherine, once again you nailed it. I love this version (you got me right) with the changes […], and yes, I agree with your comments, at the end, the idea is that the photo looks as close to me as possible (many people often abuse the photoshop benefits). 


"Thank you for sending your contact information so I can share it when I upload the photos. I believe that good work such as yours should be shared with others!!” 


“It was an amazing pleasure having the photo shoot with you. You are really talented and professional!!!!”


“The pictures are gorgeous, it was a really difficult decision, but I choose number # 3.”


“It is an honor for me to be on you website, of course you can include me in the pictures and testimonial.”


“I will post and recommend your excellent work.”


“I’m so happy for all the great experiences that I have with you, so professional and delightful!!!”


“I'm so happy to work with you!”


“Thank you for your work. I had a great time. I had never had a photo shoot before and this was a lovely experience. ” 


“Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure working with you. ”


“Thank you very much! You rock!”


“The photos look good. Unique (in a good way). Keep it up!!!!”


“Those pics are beautiful. You captured such joy and warmth.”

"Thank you very much for your patience with me during the photoshoot. I look forward to see your amazing work."


“Thank you very much, the pictures are lovely. We love them!! Please feel free to share the pictures on your website or social media. Muchísimas Gracias!!!”

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