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“OMG!!!!! You're a GENIUS!!! Yes, you, because you made me feel so confident and comfortable the whole session that these photos are just a result of your professionalism. […] Thank you once again, Katherine, it has been an amazing experience working and meeting you.” - Gisselle P.


“Katherine, once again you nailed it. I love this version (you got me right) with the changes […], and yes, I agree with your comments, at the end, the idea is that the photo looks as close to me as possible (many people often abuse the photoshop benefits)." - Gisselle P.


"It was really great meeting you as well and thank you for taking such amazing pictures! You have a great eye and made it so easy!" - Carlos R. 

"It was indeed our pleasure to get the chance to meet you in Seattle. Your photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing! We have uploaded a bunch of them to the website of the film [Marisa en los bosques] as well, if that's OK with you." - Antonio M.

"Les photos sont magnifiques ! [...] Merci encore énormément et vraiment bravo pour ce travail, c’est superbe !" - Patrice L. 

"Un grand merci et un grand bravo pour les photos, elles sont géniales, j'adore! 🙏🏻
C'est vraiment cool, je vais les faire tourner avec le lien de ton site." - Ludo O.

"Merci 1000 fois pour ces superbes photos!" - Sylvie J.-J.

"Elles sont très belles, malgré le manque de lumière et le piètre modèle. Bravo, madame, et merci! [...] Ce fut un réel plaisir de te rencontrer ainsi que Sylvie. Vous avez été mes anges gardiens sur ce festival. Nous restons en contact et j’espère que nous nous reverrons." - Florence J.


"My beautiful Katherine. [...] I cannot find the words to thank you for the amazing job and dedication to 'Blankets for a Cause Seattle' since the beginning of everything. These photos are the result of all your passion not only as a professional but also as a human being. Thank you, and yes, I would LOVE to share those photos with the watermark included as I believe it will be a way to spread the word out on the amazing job you do as a Photographer and how talented you are! :) [...] Those pictures are a reflection of your amazing work, dedication and passion." - Founder and Director, Blankets for a Cause 

"The picture looks amazing, love it. Thank you for your always incredible work. I will share with the magazine." -Jorge Enrique G. P.

"Oh my Gosh, Katherine, these are absolutely phenomenal!! Thank you SOOO much!! [...] Thank you again very very much.  The photos truly are amazing.  I'm posting them on Facebook with your website address! 😊" - Victoria K.

"Thank you so much for all your dedication and hard work! Amazing pics! [...] People love your pics. You beautifully captured everything! Thanks for making us relive the moments! You are an amazing photographer! " - Latha S. 


"OMG Kat. You are amazing. [...] I might just have to use 4 of those 8 on our card!" - Dave G. 

“It was an amazing pleasure having the photo shoot with you. You are really talented and professional!!!!” Lynette A. 

"Wow! Katherine, you are a true artiste! Stunning photos." - Karen W.

“Thank you for your work. I had a great time. I had never had a photo shoot before and this was a lovely experience. ” Paloma R.

“Thank you very much; the pictures are lovely. We love them!! Please feel free to share the pictures on your website or social media. Muchísimas Gracias!!!” - Doris G.

“Those pics are beautiful. You captured such joy and warmth.” - Karen H.

“I’m so happy for all the great experiences that I have with you, so professional and delightful!!!” - Alta P.

"Thank you very much for your patience with me during the photoshoot. I look forward to see your amazing work." - Doris G.


“The pictures are gorgeous.”


“I'm so happy to work with you!”


“Thank you very much! You rock!”

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