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~ L’Entre-moi (self-portrait) ~

Despite having looked in the mirror countless times, I never know what to expect. I never know whom to expect. Who am I this time? The looking glass penetrates, it shatters. Yet sometimes it is able to put the pieces together so fluidly that I forget that just yesterday I felt—and looked—broken. These are my eyes which look into the mirror, and yet the gaze is not my own. And the image I see before me? Is it my own? Or is it the image of another? My gaze or yours? I am myself and I am other.

Un autre regard | November 2-December 9, 2022 | La Rampe - 15, avenue du 8 mai 1945 - 38130 Échirolles (Grenoble) France

Thank you to UPP AURA and Reg'Arts for welcoming my photo into the collective exhibit "Un autre regard" (translation: Another Look, or Another Gaze). Exhibit organized within the framework of the Month of Photography in Grenoble in partnership with La Maison de l’Image.

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