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I grew up in the mountains of Los Angeles (between mountains and ocean) and have always maintained a powerful connection with nature, never missing an opportunity to immerse myself in it, even when it was not from my doorstep. Circumstances led me to begin my photographic career, first as an amateur and then as a professional, photographing urban landscapes, then portraits, events, and performances.

When VALPARURE invited me to participate in this exhibit, it seemed to me perfectly natural to get closer to nature by discovering the walks the association offers.

For this series of photos, I let myself be guided by the trails (re)created by VALPARURE. Setting no specific objective apart from the (re)discovery of landscapes and elements that inhabited, or even adorned, the trails, I gave free rein to my eye, my imagination, my intuition. The frame was open. My gaze set upon the beauty of the near-invisible, upon what we do not necessarily see, what is not necessarily beautiful at first glance, and to use as a backdrop the infinite palette of colors that nature offers. Flowers, insects, “relics” of the human presence of yesteryear – almost archaeological, these interwoven elements provided me with fascinating intersections. In addition, they form an integral part of Retournac’s heritage.

I could not have foreseen the images of this exhibit and was myself surprised by its final configuration. Spontaneous, experimental, natural – in the double sense of nature and instinctive… all of these words describe the experience of exploring Retournac’s landscapes and its heritage.

I therefore invite you to stroll with my camera and me on the hikes created by VALPARURE. My warmest thanks to VALPARURE for giving me this opportunity to exhibit my work.

La Grange, Retournac, France | July 8-16, 2023

La Mairie, Le Puy-en-Velay | June 4-17, 2024

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